Upfiles, sharing files platform to make money

Upfiles is a file-sharing platform that allows users to make money by sharing files. With Upfiles, you get 15 GB of free storage, which you can use to upload files and share them with others and get paid for every download. Upfiles offers also highest CPM payout rates.

How to earn money with Upfiles?

The use of Upfiles is free and the sign up process is very easy, should not take more than 2 minutes. By only signing up, you get up to 15 GB of free storage that you can use to upload any file you like to share with others. 

You can use this link to create an account in Upfiles for free: Upfiles - Make Money by sharing Files

Upfiles, sharing files platform to make money

After signing up. You can use our platform to upload and share any type of content, and also group them into folders, so they are easier to manage. You can also upgrade later your account if you want to use the storage as a backup for your files.

The website has a very simple dashboard and you can start sharing your file immediately with your friends or followers and get paid for every download.

What are the payout rates in Upfiles?

The payout rates in Upfiles are always increasing to make you able to achieve the highest revenue from your files. And currently, they offer the highest CPMs in the market. In Upfiles you can earn between $ 1.20 and $ 4 for every 1000 downloads. Files uploaded to Upfiles remain on their servers indefinitely as long as there has been at least one file download in the last 30 days. 

Here you can see the Upfiles Payout rates for every country:

Upfiles - Payout Rates

How to withdraw earnings in Upfiles?

Unlike some other platforms, you only need to have $3 on your account to request a withdrawal. Payments are sent weekly every Wednesday. Make sure to make a request before Wednesday if you want to receive your payment sooner. Otherwise, it might be delayed to the following Wednesday.

The Payment methods currently available to withdraw your earnings in Upfiles are Paypal, Bitcoin, Payeer, Airtm or Amazon Gift Card.

Upfiles - Withdraw Earnings

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