How to Earn Money by sharing your Internet bandwith (Passive Income)

Earning Money by sharing your unused internet bandwidth is an excellent source of passive income because it requires minimal effort on your part. You don't have to do anything other than installing the app or software on your computer. Once you've set up the app, it runs in the background and uses your idle bandwidth to perform tasks. However, before joining any P2P network, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you understand how the network works and what kind of data it uses.

To earn money online by sharing your internet connection, you need to join a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. These networks allow people to share their internet bandwidth with other users. When you join a P2P network, your computer's processing power and bandwidth are used to perform tasks such as content delivery, web scraping, or market research. In return, you receive payment for the data you provide.

There are a few ways you can earn money by sharing your internet bandwidth, but it's important to be aware of both the potential benefits and drawbacks before you dive in.

Some benefits include:

Passive income: Sharing your bandwidth requires minimal effort and can be done in the background while you use your internet for other things.

Flexible: You can usually choose when and how much bandwidth you want to share.

Variety of platforms: Several platforms offer bandwidth sharing services, catering to different needs and preferences.

Among the drawbacks, the amount you can earn is typically low; can potentially slow down your own internet connection, especially if you have limited data or upload speeds; and you have to be cautious about platforms that don't clearly explain how your data is used and ensure they have strong security measures in place.

Before you chose one (of several) platforms to earn money passively by sharing your Internet bandwith, there are some important things and tips to consider: 

  • Read the terms of service carefully 
  • Understand what data is collected, how it's used, and any potential risks involved 
  • Begin with a minimal amount of bandwidth sharing to assess the impact on your internet speed and earnings potential 
  • Research the platform's reputation, security measures, and user reviews before committing

List of the best Apps and Sites to earn money online by sharing your Internet bandwith


Honeygain is a legit and free app that allows users to make money online by sharing the unused internet connection. To make money with Honeygain you just need to download and install the Honeygain app on your device (Windows, MacOS or Android), connect to your network, and keep the app running in the background.

This platform ensures that your internet traffic is only used by trusted partners, and the app never asks for or gains access to the storage of your device. Unlike some other market research applications, they don’t track your behavior and sell it to marketing companies. What they do is use your internet connection to run various search queries that their clients are interested in.

You get paid based on how much internet they use. The current rate for Default Network Sharing is $0,30$ for 1 GB of traffic that goes through your network and 10 GB = $3 USD. When you reach $20 in earnings, you can request a payout through Paypal or JumpTask (JMPT).

Link: Sign up in Honeygain

Honeygain Logo (formerly known as IPRoyal Pawns) is another legit and free app that allows users to make money online by sharing their internet bandwith. The site enables you to make money instantly. All you need to do to start generating income is to create a free account and install the app.

The Pawns,app network is used by businesses for research in e-commerce, marketing, and web intelligence. These companies gather insights from different corners of the web for market analysis, brand protection, ad-fraud prevention, pricing intelligence, travel transport aggregation, and SEO monitoring.

Your earnings depend on the amount of traffic (in GB) you share and how long you keep the application running on the network. The longer you stay online, the more you earn. Users can earn from 5 USD to 100 USD per month on average for just keeping the app active on the device. Right now the payment rates is 0.20USD per 1GB shared. In addition, also offers other ways to earn money online through its website, such as completing paid online surveys.

Payouts on are available from $5 earned. As fast as you make 5USD, you can withdraw that to your preferred payment method. You can withdraw your eanings via Paypal, Bitcoin and virtual Gift Cards such as Amazon and Visa.

Link: Sign up in Logo


Owned by BrightData, EarnApp is an application compatible with several Operating Systems. You can use it with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. EarnApp uses your free, unused internet bandwidth for companies research and it's also an original method to earn money online or passive income for any user.

BrightData works with over 10,000 customers like major banks, universities, social networks, ecommerce sites, and many brands you know. BrightData enables these qualified customers to download publicly available web data using the user’s Internet connection – data like web statistics, price comparison, and other verified business processes.

After download the App and install it on any device, your earnings are based on your location and the total volume of traffic EarnApp is able to send through your machine. You can see your earnings at any time on the EarnApp dashboard. There is no limit on your earnings. Don’t forget that EarnApp only works if you have a residential IP address. You may experience low (or in some cases, zero) traffic if you are using a VPN or a virtual machine.

You will be paid when your balance goes over $2.5 using PayPal/Wise or when your balance goes over $50 using Amazon gift card (this option is availabe only in some countries).

Link: Sign up in EarnApp

EarnApp Logo

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