GoTranscript, work at home as a Freelance transcriptionist

Founded in 2005 and located in the UK, GoTranscript is one of the largest Online Transcription and Translation Agencies in the world. The Site also offers an opportunity for beginners with no experience to make money online working as a transcriber (converting audio and video files into text). GoTranscript employs and provides services to people from all around the world in more than six different languages.

How GoTranscript Works?

GoTranscript works by advertising its services to clients worldwide. After that, it employs freelancers to complete the orders placed by clients. The website charges a fee from the buyers for providing high-quality services. This means the transcribers get to keep the money paid by the clients. 

The Site provides work-at-home opportunities for transcribers who want flexible working hours and the ability to work as much as they want. As a beginner, you will have to take a guidelines test, followed by a test audio project, to qualify for GoTrancript jobs. Once you’re a member, you can choose to form the list of tasks available on your personal dashboard. 

GoTranscript is for anyone who wants to type out audios for money. The site does not require any professional qualification or expertise to start transcribing. The sign-up process takes only a few minutes to complete and is entirely free. 

If you are interested in becoming a transcriptionist, you can use this link to sign up with GoTranscript as transcriptionist

GoTranscript, work at home as a Freelance transcriptionist

Requirements to Apply and Work in GoTranscripts

There are some requirements you should meet before you can get paid work on the site, and you need to have good skills in the language of your choice, which will be determined through test assignments on the platform.

Age requirement: you should be of legal working age (18 years old)

Country requirements: GoTranscript hires worldwide in multiple different languages. You can work on the website regardless of your demographic location as long as you have the language skills and payment integration.

Device requirements: A PC/laptop and a pair of headphones. GoTranscript states that transcription is possible on mobile devices, but the features of its transcription tool are greatly limited unless you’re transcribing on a PC or laptop. Additionally, equipment like a high-quality headset and a foot pedal to assist while typing might come in handy. But, these gadgets are not requirements mandated by the platform.

Payout requirements: Must have a PayPal or Payoneer account.

Is GoTranscript Legit or Scam?

GoTranscript is legit company. Since 2006, they've been delivering valuable services to clients while working with transcribers, proofreaders, and editors from around the world. Today, they're one of the most well-known in the transcription space. To date, the company has transcribed more than 144 million minutes of audio into text for consumers worldwide. Apart from transcription, the platform offers other services like subtitling, captioning, and translation as well.

How Does GoTranscript Pay You?

The amount of money that you can earn working as a transcriber depends a lot on the number of transcriptionist job that you take up. They pay up to $0.60 per audio/video minute if you are a transcriber and about $12-15 if you are an editor with them.

GoTranscript pays via PayPal and Payoneer every Friday and also pays for the processing fees on these platforms. There is no minimum requirement or threshold you need to be paid.

GoTranscript Payout Rates

Some Tips to increase your earnings on GoTranscript

The website offers many professional categories that pay better than regular transcription jobs. These include academic, medical, legal, and research transcription jobs. Once you start getting the hang of the work, you can try out these options to get high remuneration.

New audio and video files are added to the GoTranscript dashboard every day. If you were to stay on the site all day on the lookout for available files, you could probably work for around 20-30 hours a week. You’ll be alerted via email every time a client uploads a file for transcription.

As a transcriber, your transcription work will be reviewed and graded by an editor. Your ratings can be anywhere between 1 and 5. The editor will also leave comments on your work so that you can improve on your transcription job as you go on.

You can apply to become an editor when you get a rating of more than 4.5 average.

GoTranscript Summary

GoTranscript Logo
Active since2005
Platform(s)PC, Mobile, Tablet
Ways to EarnTranscription Jobs
Referral ProgramYes
Payout OptionsPaypal, Payoneer
Minimum PayoutNo Minimum
Contact / SupportWeb Form

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