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Picoworkers is a microworking online platform that will pay you for completing short tasks. The site was founded in 2013 by a US-based company under the clarion call that everyone can now work and make money online

Featuring two different types of Jobs makes Picoworkers suitable for those who have less time and prefer to do quick tasks and also for those who posses certain skills and prefer to work longer hours to earn more.

How to join Picoworkers?

Signing up to Picoworkers in really easy. There’s a fairly short sign-up form, asking for things like your name, country, and desired login credentials. The site is available globally. Anyone can join. You just have to be at least 18 years of age or older to join: Sign up in Picoworkers as a Freelance

Picoworkers, earn Money as a Freelancer working from Home

How does Picoworkers work?

Picoworkers is a two way platform. Once you set up an account, you can both perform small tasks for money, or pay people to do micro-tasks for you. Employers post various jobs and small tasks on the site for workers to complete.

Once you’ve verified your email address and logged in, you’ll see a wide range of tasks you can complete on Picoworkers. You’re restricted to small “starter” tasks on the platform until you complete some successfully, which builds up a success rate score. Once this rises high enough, your “worker level” increases, and you can get involved in better paying larger jobs.

The main method of earning on Picoworkers is by doing small jobs. Just as the name suggests, these are short tasks you can complete in exchange for a small amount of money. You will be able to see exactly what you will get when completing the job and also have many jobs are available. Most of the jobs are pretty simple. For example, some will ask you to visit a website, others will ask you to like a Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or Instagram page. 

Some of the most common tasks include: Signing up for websites, Watching YouTube videos, Marketing Tests, Following social media accounts, Data Entry, Comment on blogs or websites, Searching in the Internet or completing Surveys.

As a Picoworker, you are only required to complete tasks as per the requirements of the employer, and submit proof of completion for you to receive your earnings. Workers should only accept jobs they are capable of finishing. Accepting a job and submitting a false or incomplete proof will raise a red flag. In most cases three red flags lead to account termination.

Picoworkers has also a rating system that ranks workers according to their performance. Employers will rate your work at the end of each job or task according to your performance or results. Workers must maintain a success rate of above 75% at all times (Satisfied tasks). Too many Not-Satisfied tasks will lower Worker's success rate.

There are three levels of worker in Picoworkers that you can reach as we carry out tasks and obtain good scores: Starter, Advanced and Expert.

Is Picoworkers Legit or Scam?

Picoworkers is an LLC based out of Santa Barbara, California. The company has an “About” page with full address details and even a phone number. Picoworkers is a legit micro-task site that pays you for doing small jobs. You can also check the reviews of Picoworkers on Trustpilot

Picoworkers Review on Trustpilot

How do you get paid?

Every job you complete on Picoworkers will earn you a certain amount which will be credited to your Picoworkers account. You can request a cashout from Picoworkers once you have a balance of $5. The payment options include PayPal, Skrill, AirTM, Uphold and the LiteCoin cryptocurrency. 

Each payment method has a certain processing fee and the withdrawal process can take up to 10 days, but usually is less.

Picoworkers Payment Proof

Picoworkers Summary

Picoworkers Logo

Active since2013
Platform(s)Browser / Desktop
Ways to EarnMicro Jobs / Micro Tasks / Freelance
Referral ProgramYes
Payout OptionsPayPal, Skrill, AirTM, Uphold, Litecoin
Minimum Payout$5
Contact / Supportinfo@picoworkers.com

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