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AdFly ( was a popular link shortener that is used to shorten a URL of a given website and then redirects a person to a skippable advertisement when the short link is clicked before redirecting a user to the destination URL. When people will click those links, they will see ads (requested by the advertisers) and AdFly will give a part of the advertising fee it charged from the businesses to the publishers. That way, publishers will be able to earn money and businesses will reach new customers.

Launched in 2009, AdFly was one of the oldest online companies for affiliate marketers who are seeking to monetize their links. The company has kept growing because it offers, and it has upgraded its tools and features. The main focus of AdFly in the industry is shortening monetized links and pop ads.

In November 2022, Adfly  has announced that it is ceasing its operations and closing the site to integrate as part of Linkvertise, an excellent URL shortener with the highest payout rates. Users already registered or who had an Adfly account can migrate their account to Linkvertise.

How do I join AdFly?

The AdFly users fall into two groups: publishers and advertisers. Both parties need to sign up account and select which he/she wanted to become. The registration on AdFly is free as all the services and tools offered by AdFly are free of cost. You do not need to pay anything if you are an affiliate and looking to make money by shortening links. 

AdFly, the Best URL Shortener

After signing up, will send you a verification email. Ensure that you have verified your email within three days. In some cases, you have to check your Junk/Spam folders to access the verification email.

How To Make Money With AdFly?

AdFly is a URL shortener that pays the publishers of the shortened links by giving them a percentage of the advertising revenue. Once your account is created, a publisher can make money by positioning the shortened links on social media accounts, websites, or blogs

You can shrink any link in your dashboard and all you need to do next is share that link for people to click on it. Every time a visitor clicks on the links, they initially view a full-page ad for 5 seconds before the Skip Ad button appears. After that, the visitor can continue to their destination. shares the revenue from the advertisements with the publisher of the link.

AdFly allows three types of ad formats: Interstitial, banners and Pop Ads. The site has also an extra format, called Push Ads or Push Notifications Ads. 

Interstitial advertisement is when the entire page is an advertisement, and it is necessary to do a manual action to visit the original links, such as pushing a button. 

For the Banner format, users have already accessed the content they desire. The user has the option of closing the banner and eliminating the advertisement from their screen without taking any action. 

The PopAds format is similar to the interstitial format. One of the main features of the pop format is the "Show on Skip Ad Button." The feature ensures that when a person clicks the Skip Ad button, the ad will appear there. It is an aggressive way of advertising, and people will have to view the ad. provides detailed statistics per link. Allowing you at a glance see the amount you’ve earned, referring URLs and countries. On the right side of the dashboard, you will see all your earning per clicks, monthly views, total views, and total links proceeds. On the left, you will see charts and data related monthly earnings, pop-ads and push ad earnings, top countries, and top references.

Mass Shrinker 

If you wanted to shrink multiple URLs at a time then this tool will help you and it can shrink up to 20 URLs at a time.


An easy to use toolbar that can be easily install in your browser. With this you can easily shorten any link. Whenever you visit a page online you just simply click ‘Shorten with!’ button in your tool bar and you will get shortened link for that URL.


This tool you everything you need to integrate links in your applications.

Full Page Script

Simple copy this tool gives you and all your links of blog or website convert to links.

Adfly as an Advertiser

Advertisers pay the AdFly visitors for visitors they send to their website or affiliate URL. This type of link shortening and sharing can target specific countries, and set a campaign budget as they are purchasing the visitors sent by their publishers. With AdFly, any Advertiser can start their ad campaign with as low as $5 and get up to 5.000 visitors. 

AdFly Payout Rates

The payout Rates in AdFly depends on the type of visitors. If your visitors are from USA or UK then you earn more than if your visitors are from Asian countries. The payout rates are available on the platform average between $1.60 per 1000 views and $16.60 per 1000 views.

AdFly Payout Rate

Is Adfly Scam or Legit?

AdFly is a legit Site and one of the oldest high-paying URL shorteners. Not only has a really good reputation but a track record of paying its link shrinkers (users) on time and a great place for advertisers to spend their marketing budget. AdFly is a trusted company or platform that is used by millions of people (over 5 million registered users) each and every single day generating millions of clicks and views.

How does AdFly Pay?

The minimum amount required to earn is only $5 before you can cash out in AdFly and get paid. They pay all users via PayPal (minimum $5) or Payoneer (minimum ($10) payment methods only. All the payments are made on the first day of every month until you have attained the minimum withdrawal sum. 

AdFly Payment Proof

AdFly Summary

AdFly Logo
Active since2009 [Closed in November 2022]
Ways to EarnShortening and sharing links
Referral ProgramYes
Payout OptionsPaypal, Payoneer
Minimum Payout$5-$10 (varies across payment options)
Contact /


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