Toloka, earn money completing tasks

Toloka is an App and GPT site where you can earn money by completing simple tasks. The site is a Crowdsourcing online platform owned by Yandex LLC, the 5th most prominent search engine company in the world and the 1st largest search engine in Russia. 

The proposed tasks are usually very simple and do not require any special training from the performer. Most of the tasks are designed to improve algorithms that are used by modern technologies spanning self-driving vehicles, smart web searches, advanced voice assistants and e-commerce.

How do I join Toloka as a worker?

Toloka users, also known as performers or tolokers, are people who earn money by completing system testing and improvement tasks on the Yandex Toloka platform. The site is available globally in several languages. So, you will be able to sign up as a member regardless of where you live. 

To become a member and work as a toloker, you need to fill out their sign-up form: Yandex Toloka - Register as a Toloker

Toloka, earn money completing tasks

How to earn money using Toloka?

The main earning opportunity this site offers is paid tasks. The paid tasks they offer are quite different from the tasks you would normally encounter on other GPT sites. When you start a task, you will be given a set of instructions you need to follow and what amount of money you will receive for completing the task. Once the task is performed and approved, your account is credited with your earnings.

What types of tasks can be performed on Yandex Toloka?

Many of the tasks available in Toloka can be done directly without the need for any experience or special skills, but in some cases it is necessary to do a little training or complete a short exam to access the task. These are some of the most common types of tasks that you can do as a toloker and earn money on the platform:

Improving search algorithms

Data labeling helps to improve search quality and effectively tune result ranking algorithms.

Classification Tasks

These are tasks that require you to classify products, images, short texts, and messages into the right categories.

Audit and marketing research

Checking the quality of the online store, delivery service, writing reviews about products and services. In another projects, users are asked to write a review for a product from popular categories and provide it with their own photos.

Machine learning

To teach a machine to solve a particular problem, it is necessary to give it a huge number of examples, both positive and negative. Among other tasks, users of the Toloka service can receive ones to describe objects defined by a computer in an image. In tasks of another type, a context of the dialogue is given and a scale is proposed by which it is necessary to assess whether a chatbot's answer in this context is appropriate, interesting, and so on. Another group of tasks in Toloka is checking automatically received drafts of dictionary entries for Yandex.Translate.

Survey Tasks

You can work online by taking up survey jobs that require you to answer simple questions, share your opinion on a particular subject matter, product, or even a service.

Choosing designs and names for new products and services

Service users also answer questions related to the choice of the most successful name and design for a new product or service, personal or consumer preferences of users.

Is Toloka Legit or Scam?

Toloka is a 100% legit earning website, founded in 2014 and operated by YANDEX LLC. There are currently about 9 million registered Toloka users from all countries, who have completed a total of more than 2 billion evaluations. You can check the reviews of Yandex Toloka on Trustpilot.

Can I use Toloka on a mobile device?

Toloka is a multi-platform online rewards site. That means aside from it being available for laptops and desktops, you can also complete tasks on a mobile device since it has an app you can download. The Toloka app is available for download on both Android and iOS app stores.

How to withdraw money from Toloka

Completion of tasks in Toloka are paid for - the corresponding amount is indicated next to each task. The amount they can earn is indicated next to the task. It is possible to withdraw funds using several payment systems, such as PayPal, Payoneer, Papara or QIWI

The minimum withdrawal amount in Toloka depends on the chosen payment processor. For Paypal you do not need to reach any minimum amount to withdraw the money while if you use Payoneer, the minimum amount needed is $20.

Yandex Toloka Payment proof

Toloka Summary

Toloka Logo
Active since2014
Platform(s)Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet
Ways to EarnPerforming Tasks
Referral ProgramYes
Payout OptionsPaypal, Payoneer, Papara, QIWI
Minimum Payout$0,02-$20 (varies across payment options)
Contact / SupportWeb Form

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