Cointiply, GPT and Bitcoin Faucet

Founded in 2018, Cointiply is a legit Bitcoin faucet and a GPT website that allows its active users to earn in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin faucets let you win Satoshi coins at random intervals. Satoshi coin is a fraction of a Bitcoin and equals 0.00000001 Bitcoin. In Cointiply you get a chance to win Satoshi coins every hour. The number of Satoshi coins you will get each time depends entirely on your luck. 

In addition, like others Get-Paid-To or GPT websites, this site allows you to earn extra money on the side for doing simple jobs like taking surveys on the internet, doing microtasks, watching videos or playing games.

Getting started with Cointiply

Cointiply works all over the globe and signing up with Cointiply is pretty simple. All you need to do is fill up their online form which only requires your name and mail. Once you submit your name and mail id, Cointiply will send you a verification mail. 

You will also get a 100 coin bonus after the verification is complete: Cointiply Bitcoin Rewards - Earn Free Bitcoin

Cointiply - Bitcoin Faucet

How to earn money on Cointiply

Once you create your account, you’re ready to start completing tasks and using the free Bitcoin faucet every hour. I was able to sign up for Cointiply in a matter of minutes, and that part was very straightforward since you just enter your email.

There are different ways in which you can earn money on Cointiply:

Bitcoin Faucet

Every hour, you roll a number to determine how many coins you earn. Plus, there’s also a Cointiplier that multiplies the coins you earn from your roll to help you earn more (this multiplier changes monthly and can get up to 2X your roll).

Answering Surveys

Cointiply also lets you take paid surveys. You can take surveys of many third-party survey companies on Cointiply such as YourSurveys and Yuno Surveys. These surveys can become a consistent source of income if you like spending time taking surveys each day.

Watching Videos

You can also watch videos on Cointiply and make money on the side. The money offered for watching videos isn’t a lot but it’s still something you can do if you want to make money while being entertained.

Playing Games

Cointiply also offers you coins to play games on its websites. If you are someone who loves playing games online then this is something you can definitely check out.

Click On Ads

Another way you can make money with Cointiply is to click on ads. Under the “view PTC ads” bar, you find a list of links you can click on to earn coins. You have to click links and view the landing page for a specific amount of time.


Like most GPT websites, Cointiply also has an “offer wall” where you can complete specific offers to earn more coins. Cointiply has a range of popular companies GPT websites partner with, including Offer Toro, Adscend Media, and a variety of other partners.

You can find some really good offers here that can boost your earnings. But always make sure to read the conditions, before taking any of these offers, as not all of them are worth it. So you need to know exactly what you agree to.

Cointiply premium membership

It is free to join and use Cointiply, but it also has a premium membership you can get. You have two premium membership options. You can pay monthly for 17,000 coins ($1,7) or yearly for 170,000 coins ($17). If you use the platform a lot and would like fewer ads, a chance to miss a few days without the loyalty bonus is reset, and some extra bonus chances, then it might be worth it.

Cointiply App

You can use Cointiply on a mobile. The website is fully optimized for mobile devices and works very nicely on mobile, so it is easy to navigate on even small screens and you can use the roll option to earn your free points when you are on the go. There is even a Cointiply app you can download for Android, which makes it very easy to use on mobile or tablet.

Is Cointiply Legit or Scam?

Cointiply is a legit GPT website that has plenty of positive reviews and payment proof online. It also has an active userbase and chat room on the site, so it’s a very popular platform. Cointiply is also a safe website that doesn’t require entering your payment information or paying to use its services.

How do you get paid?

100 Cointiply coins are worth $0.01. This means 10,000 coins are worth $1. If you want to cash out with Cointiply, you can withdraw your earnings in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DASH and LTC (Litecoin). You need to enter a Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency wallet code to your account to give Cointiply an address to send your coins. 

The Cointiply minimum payout amount is $5 in Bitcoin and $3 in Doge, Dash and LTC to cash out. Once you have requested a payout, it will usually be processed within 24 – 72 hours.

Cointiply Payment Proof

Cointiply Summary

Cointiply Logo
Active since2018
Platform(s)Web, Mobile
Ways to EarnBitcoin Faucet / Surveys Online / Watching Videos / Completing Offers / Playing Games / Click on Ads
Referral ProgramYes
Payout OptionsBitcoin, DOGE, DASH, Litecoin
Minimum Payout$3-$5 (varies across payment options)
Contact / SupportWeb Form

Wiki Money Online Rating - 4 / 5

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