PopAds, the best Popunder Ad Network [2024]

PopAds is an Advertising Network specialized in Popunders and one of the best paying Adsense alternative on the Internet. Connecting website owners, advertisers and traffic since 2010, PopAds is a leading popunder network in the world, offering both mainstream traffic and dating campaigns and use the CPM (Cost Per impressions) and CPV (Cost-per-view) cost models.

How to Create a PopAds Account

The registration process for PopAds is incredibly quick and easy. It only takes a couple of minutes to get signed up for an account. There is not specific requirement to get approval from PopAds. They will also accept all types of sites including adult sites, non-adult content sites, sub domain sites etc. 

You have to just sign up into their network and start earning money from your site: Click Here to Sign up for a PopAds Account

PopAds - The Best Popunder Ad Network

PopAds for Publishers

PopAds offers the industry’s highest CPM rates and the best international coverage to its publishers. As a publisher, you can join PopAds even if your website is new. You’ll have complete control over the ads that will be displayed on your site.

They also have a really good bidding system so as a publisher you can set up the minimum bid you want to accept. PopAds specialised in pop-under ads and supports the cost-per-view model. This means, whenever a visitor visits a website, and clicks anywhere around the popunder ad, the publisher gets paid. It pays a high eCPM rate for publishers

The CPM rates vary depending on the traffic source (different rates for different countries). For websites receiving traffic from US, UK, the CPM rates can be up to $6 per thousand impressions. Publishers with traffic from other regions can expect average CPM rates of $1 to $4 per thousand impressions. You can also choose to serve popunders with auto-playing sound video ads and can also set a popunder frequency for better site performance. Learning the popunder settings will give you higher earnings and increase your overall ROI. 

PopAds is one of the better alternatives to Google AdSense, with a higher CPM rate than other ad formats. It may be used on any Blogger or WordPress website. PopAds accepts most of the sites and there are no minimum traffic requirements. It also gives you real-time reports and charts always when you need them and offers both desktop and mobile traffic.


After generating the code you have to paste it in your website. You can place it in the header and footer part of your website. After placing the ad code in your website how can you check that it’s working or not. So they provide such functionality in Troubleshooter section. Using this tool you can check if the code is installed correctly on your website or not. Just enter an URL of your website where you have installed code and click the Check button.

How to earn money in PopAds

As a Publisher, go to your Account’s instrument panel and click the New Website Button. Now, fill out the form with your details. Fill in the boxes with your website’s name, a brief description, the website’s category, and the website’s URL. Then, decide the types of advertisements you want to highlight on your website. Once, you’ve fill-up the shape all you’ve got to try is to click on the “Add Website” Button. It takes at least 2 days to Approve your website.

Once you’ve received approval, From the control panel, go to the Code generator area. Choose your website and create a new Ad code. You may also build Anti-Ad-Blocker code, which enhances your revenues by displaying popups to people who have Ad-Block activated on their browser.

PopAds for Advertisers

PopAds for advertisers is for those users who want to buy traffic for their website from the PopAds Ad network. You just have to set your budget, target your visitors, control your rates in order to become a PopAds advertiser. Those who’re looking to buy a pop ad space, PopAds features lots of inventory from over 100 countries which filters out all proxy, bot and mobile traffic to constantly work on traffic quality improvement. Moreover, it’s got a big variety of targeting options including category, keyword, for full control traffic speed and quality.

PopAds also supports cost tracking for some tracking tools which means you’re able to see the exact costs on your tracker, which is useful.

Advertisers will find that both pop-up and pop-under ads are very cost-effective traffic generators. You simply have to pay for visits to your website, not impressions. It will help boost your website’s traffic and ranking.

Is PopAds Legit or Scam?

PopAds is a 100% legit network. Popads.net is owned and operated by Tomksoft S.A. and it's a solid trustworthy ad network which is effective and secure to work with. You can also check the reviews of PopAds on Trustpilot 

Review PopAds on Trustpilot

PopAds Payment Methods

PopAds offer a fairly low payment threshold of $5. Hence, whenever publishers earn $5, they can easily withdraw their earnings through PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Capitalist, Bitcoin and Wire transfer. Once you request a payment withdrawal, you will get your money reflected in your account within 24 hours. 

For PayPal, YooMoney (Yandex Money), Capitalist Wallet, WebMoney, and QiWi Wallet, the minimum withdrawal limit is $5.00. It costs $20 to make a direct transfer to credit cards, debit cards, and bitcoin wallets. 

You can request to withdraw your earned money anytime you want or you can also set for automatic payment. The auto withdrawal settings page gives you an option to make our system automatically request withdrawals on your behalf. When you earn specific amount of money then popads automatically send your earning.

PopAds Payment Proof

PopAds Summary

PopAds Logo

Active since2010
Ad TypeseCPM / CPM / CPV
Ad FormatsPopunder, Popup, Tabunder, Tabup
Referral ProgramYes
Payout OptionsPaypal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Capitalist, WebMoney
Minimum Payout$5-$20 (varies across payment options)
Contact / Supportsupport@popads.net

Wiki Money Online Rating - 5 / 5

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