MGID, Native Advertising Network [Review 2024]

Established in 2008, MGID is an innovative global pioneer in native advertising that drives revenue growth for all participants in the advertising ecosystem. The company has grown to 750+ employees, who operate out of 11 global offices, partnering with clients originating from over 200 countries, and reaching up to more than 185 billion impressions per month globally. A leading player in the industry of native advertising and has been winning awards for its innovative approach to digital marketing.

MGID gives publishers 100% control over their audience, empowering them with technology to engage and retain users, generate revenue streams from direct advertisers and build their monetization strategies with robust analytics. This Native Ad Network help publishers monetize their platforms while still nurturing their audiences with not intrusive Ad formats. As a publisher, you also retain full control of placements and ad content. In addition, MGID is fully compatible with Google AdSense.

MGID for Publishers

MGID works with websites of all languages and provides ads in over 70 languages. Websites with social media traffic are accepted and tend to have a high performance by using MGID content-based ads. MGID works on a CPC basis with advertisers and these numbers vary greatly, as they use the real-time bidding system. Your CPM depends on the prices, placement, size and thus there is no upper limit for it. Therefore, the more clicks you get - the more revenue you earn.

The MGID registration flow is extremely intuitive and easy to work with: Sign up in MGID as a Publisher

MGID - Native Advertising Network

For Publishers, the Native Monetization technique has a 100% fill rate worldwide. Publishers are free to choose from a number of ways such as header widgets, exit pops, and sidebar widgets to display advertisements on their websites.The minimum traffic requirement to cooperate with MGID is 3,000 unique visitors daily (or 90,000+ visitors per month). A website approval/rejection message will be sent to the publisher’s main email within 24 hours after applying.

Content requirements for Publishers

  • The content should be unique. This means that content should be original and not duplicated anywhere else.
  • There should be no illegal content on a website (e.g.: file-storages, websites, software, and browser toolbars, which allow improperly downloading, copying, or playing (streaming) audio guides, e-books, anime, games, movies, MP3 ringtones, music, software, TV shows, works by independent artists and performers, recording studios and other content creators.
  • There should be no adult, sexually provocative content and/or adult categories' names on the website.
  • MGID does not accept websites without content. Your website should have at least 10 articles with relevant content and 3000 unique daily visitors on a stable basis.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a concept that is cohesive in nature — ads that blend into the surrounding environment and do not negatively impact user experience. The concept of native advertising has evolved over the years. However, they have one fundamental tenet — to make the ad look like it belongs to the platform where it is published. It is in direct opposition to ads that many marketers have been accustomed to doing, which is to bombard a user with flashy and attention-grabbing banners. The most common way to measure ad success is to check your click-through rate (CTR), total conversions, and conversion rate.

MGID Widget formats

MGID offers for Publishers a variety of formats that can be adjusted to the publisher’s design themes and website behavior. There are formats like in-article, under-article, sidebar, header, IAB banners and so much more.


The all-in-one customizable solution helps publishers reach their monetization, users acquisition and retention goals.


Inherently, native ad units can be also used with internal exchange.


Customizable ad units are an easy-to-use auto-placement feature, which supports video ads.


Enables publishers to monetize their sidebar space and improve internal audience recirculation.


Highly visible ad units provide maximum audience engagement.


Native widget displayed only for mobile users can be customized to different ad units combinations.

IAB Banners

Ad units enable publishers to bring native performance to display banners, matching IAB display standards.

In-Content impact

Ad units blend seamlessly with its editorial environment and hooks users’ attention with smart design and engaging format.

Push Notifications Ads

Push advertising deliver ads to users' desktop or mobile devices in a form resembling usual push notifications, thus offering a non-intrusive, user-friendly, and highly engaging way for advertisers to reconnect and expand their audiences.

MGID Ad Units

MGID for Advertisers

MGID's native advertising platform connects and intertwines global audiences through top-tier, verifiable publishers with highly engaged traffic. Merging technology and creativity, MGID’s native ads are shared across a network of over 32,000 of the world's top publishers, driving brand awareness and purchase intent. The user interface of MGID is very simple and self-explanatory. Is so easy to start creating a campaign by filling in the information asked for.

The self-serve ad network offers valuable traffic insights and campaign tools, including selective bidding, audience reach, and a predictive price recommendation engine, along with the CPC and CPM pricing models, all of which help secure its place as one of the leading native advertising platforms of its kind.

Is MGID legit or scam?

MGID is a legit and reputable site established in 2008, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with offices across Europe and the APAC region. MGID has won plenty of internationally recognized industry awards, such as the 2020 Best Overall AdTech Company Award by MarTech Breakthrough and the 2021 Bronze Stevie Award for Innovation in Technology. In addition to this, MGID fully comply with global privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and IAB standards.

MGID Payment Methods and Payout Threshold

To set up automatic payments and receive your first revenue, add the payment method(s) and select which one will be active. Please, notice that this should be done until the last day of the current month. If you don’t add a payment method by the last day of the current month, you will delay your payment for another 30 days. To add a payment method or check the payout day, go to the Publishers tab. Then click on the Payouts button.

All payments are issued once a month according to the NET 30 payment terms. This means that your last month's earnings will be paid by the end of the current month, approximately on the 30-the day of the month.

The Payment Thresholds on MGID are: PayPal (minimal payout 100 USD); Tipalti; (100 USD); Payoneer (100 USD); Paymaster24 (50 USD) and Wire Transfer (1000 USD).

MGID Payment Proof

MGID Summary

Active since2008
Ad TypesCPC
Ad FormatsDesktop & Mobile Native Ads / Push Notifications
Referral ProgramYes
Payout OptionsPayPal, Payoneer, Tipalti, Paymaster24, Wire Transfer
Minimum Payout$100
Contact / SupportWeb Form

Wiki Money Online Rating - 4,5 / 5

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