Adsterra, the best alternative to Adsense [2024]

Adsterra is a global ad network founded in 2013 by a team of affiliate marketers and webmasters with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Usually considered the best alternative to Adsense for publishers, this Advertising Network boasts over 18,000 direct publishers; 30+ billion impressions/month; 248 GEOs covered; and over 12,000 brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks. 

Adsterra’s reach stretches across mainstream and non-mainstream verticals with millions of successful campaigns, and Advertisers may choose between an intuitive self-serve platform with automated onboarding and live-chat support or working with a personal manager. Known for innovative advertising displays such as banner ads, Video ads, Landing pages, popunders, In-page Push ads, Social Bar and more different ad formats, combining them with intelligent ways to monetize web and mobile traffic

The platform has no minimum traffic requirements and offers one of the highest CPM (cost per mille), CPC (Cost per click) and CPA (Cost per action) rates in the industry. This ad network is also a great place to start for new marketers and blog owners with very little traffic. Whether you want to use Adsterra as an Adsense alternative or if you’re going to use it in conjunction with another network, this is a great Ad network to consider for monetizing your traffic.

Adsterra for Publishers

Getting started on Adsterra as a Publisher is a simple process. All you have to do is to sign up on Adsterra; provide your name and email to create an account; and complete the registration process with the necessary information: Adsterra - Display Ad and Affiliate Network Service for Publishers

Adsterra - Advertising Network

Once you have been approved as a publisher on the network, you can put in the codes and start monetizing your website. Then, follow the prompts on your Adsterra user dashboard to complete the process. Adsterra ads are compatible with all major CMS, including WordPress, Blogspot and just regular HTML-based websites.

Ad Formats

Adsterra offers many different ad types, including a wide variety of classic and all-new ad formats in varying sizes for both desktop and mobile. The platform offers also multiple cost models, including CPM (Cost Per Mille/1,000 impressions), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPI (Cost Per Install), CPA (Cost Per Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPV (Cost Per View) and RTB (Real-Time Bidding). 

This range of flexible cost models means that publishers can monetize all types of desktop/mobile traffic, social/mobile app, or web page traffic, and get paid in various ways. The company also developed an Anti-Adblock solution that helps increase publisher revenue by up to 20%.


Display or banner advertising is the oldest type of online advertising with proven efficiency. Traditionally, banners are images or GIF files with specific measures, that are placed on publishers’ websites, mobile sites and blogs. According to IAB, there are typical and most clickable banner ad formats for desktop and mobile devices. Adsterra banner available are: 

Leaderboard sizes: 468×60, 728×90, 320×50 

Rectangle sizes: 800×440, 300×250  

Skyscraper sizes: 160×300, 160×600


Popunders, clickunders, or simply pops are a full-screen advertising type ads displayed in a new browser window or tab and can remain hidden behind the main browser window. The Adsterra popunder script delivers a 100% responsiveness.

Social Bar

Social Bar is a push format that doesn’t require opt-ins. Its main feature is full customization. This means that the creatives can take any form, depending on your wishes and objectives. Social Bar allows you to create creatives in the form of chats, video teasers, messenger icons, interstitials, in-page pushes, notifications, and custom banners of any configuration.

Native Ads

With Adsterra, advertisers run AdBlock-resistant and cost-effective CPC, CPM, and CPA native ads campaigns. With over 1 BN impressions weekly, native banners blend in web and mobile content and drive up to 8x higher CTRs compared to classic display ads.

Push Ads

These ads are placed on a website similarly to banners, just a line of code. They don’t require subscriptions and don’t depend on browsers. Push Ads by Adsterra don’t require opt-ins; they run on all OS and browsers. You can either use the built-in, animated templates, or design a customized ad.

Direct Link Ads

If you have a social media group, a YouTube channel or a mobile app, you can use the Smart Direct Link to monetize your audience. Inside the Smart Direct Link, there is a URL where your traffic will be sent after users click. Adsterra's algorithms behind the link select the best landing page from the advertisers' campaigns that run at Adsterra. This smart direct link is the easiest way to make money online and is ideal for one-page websites, landing pages, downloads, books, file hosting, webinars, referral link, and catalogs.

Video (VAST)

Pre-roll ads help meet the most engaged audience by showing them short videos before they proceed with the general content. Video ads are great for creating visual impact: a brand video, a movie/game trailer, an immersive gambling video teasers, etc.

Adsterra for Advertisers

Adsterra Self-Serve Platform (SSP) is an effective solution for Advertisers to level up their performance marketing and digital advertising strategy. This emphasis on affiliate marketing and a transparent approach to business quickly resulted in Adsterra being hailed as one of the best platforms of its kind in the industry. You can speed up ad campaign creation, generate ad codes, and maintain 100% control over the ad campaign settings. You can also easily track statistics and monitor ad performance on the intuitive dashboard for all placements. The minimum deposit for advertisers is $100.

Is Adsterra Legit or Scam?

Adsterra is not only a legit site but it is also one of the best advertising networks on the digital marketing industry. Established in 2013 and managed by OnMedia s.r.o, Adsterra quickly grew in popularity thanks to its unique approach to ad formats and the priority placed on quality service.

Having a rating of 4.6 on Trustpilot, most reviewers believe that Adsterra is an excellent platform and one of the best alternatives to Adsense: Review Adsterra on Trustpilot

Adsterra Payment Methods

Adsterra offers the following payment options: Bitcoin, PayPal, Tether, Wire transfer, WebMoney and Paxum. To receive a payment, you need to fill in all payment details on the Profile page and reach the minimum payout sum.

Minimum payout sum is $5 for WebMoney and Paxum; $100 for Bitcoin, PayPal and Tether; $1000 for Wire transfer. Once all payment details are filled in and the minimum payout amount is reached, the payment is automatically scheduled with a 2-week hold period.

Adsterra Payment Proof

Adsterra Summary

Adsterra Logo
Active since2013
Ad TypeseCPM / CPM / CPC / CPA
Ad FormatsPopunders / Push Ads / Banners / Native Ads / Social Bar / VAST / Smart Direct Links
Referral ProgramYes
Payout OptionsPaypal, Bitcoin, Tether, Wire transfer, WebMoney, Paxum
Minimum Payout$5-$100 (varies across payment options)
Contact / SupportWeb Form

Wiki Money Online Rating - 5 / 5

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