PlugRush, Adult & Mainstream Advertising Network [Review]

PlugRush is an online advertising platform that specializes in adult and mainstream traffic. Founded in 2007 and based in Norway, PlugRush is one of the veteran companies in this field, catering to both advertisers and publishers.

It allows advertisers to promote their products or services by displaying ads on websites within the PlugRush network, while publishers can monetize their websites by displaying ads from the platform. PlugRush provides various ad formats for adult content, including options specific to mobile traffic, targeting options, and tools to help advertisers and publishers optimize their campaigns and earnings.

The platform combines CPM, CPC, and CPA advertising campaigns for all countries. It also allows customization of ads to match the design of each website.

PlugRush for Publishers

PlugRush is an online advertising platform that offers publishers the opportunity to monetize their websites by displaying ads to their visitors. Whether you run a niche blog, an adult website, or any other type of online content platform, PlugRush provides a way for you to turn your traffic into revenue.

Sign Up and Account Setup 

The first step to becoming a PlugRush publisher is to sign up for an account on their website. The registration process typically involves providing basic information about your website and contact details. Once your account is approved, you can access the publisher dashboard.

Visiting their website you can easily register and create your account as a Publisher: PlugRush - Advertising Network

PlugRush Advertising Network

Adding Your Website

After logging in, you'll need to add your website to the platform. This involves providing essential information about your site, such as its URL, niche, and traffic details. PlugRush uses this information to match your website with suitable advertisers.

Selecting Ad Formats 

PlugRush offers various ad formats to choose from, including banners, pop-unders, and native ads. You can select the ad formats that best fit your website's layout and user experience. The platform provides customization options to ensure that the ads align with your site's design and style.

Placing Ad Codes

Once you've chosen your preferred ad formats, PlugRush will generate ad codes that you need to place on your website. These codes are what allow the platform to display ads to your visitors. You can insert these codes into your website's HTML or use WordPress plugins for seamless integration.

Optimizing Your Ad Inventory

To maximize your earnings as a PlugRush publisher, it's crucial to optimize your ad inventory. This involves experimenting with different ad placements, sizes, and configurations to find what works best for your audience. PlugRush provides performance analytics to help you track your earnings and make informed decisions.

Earnings and Payments 

Your earnings as a PlugRush publisher are determined by factors such as the number of ad impressions, click-through rates, and the quality of your traffic. PlugRush typically pays on a revenue-share basis, with publishers receiving a portion of the revenue generated from the ads displayed on their website.

PlugRush Ad Formats

Push Notifications 

A push notification is an in-your-face, opt-in advertisement delivered directly to the phone or desktop device of the end user. Highly targeted and extremely profitable for both advertisers and publishers, this ad format has taken the advertising industry by storm.

Display Banners 

Banner ads continue to be a staple in digital marketing and you will find one or more banners on just about any website you'll visit. Display banners are non-intrusive, non-misleading and highly profitable for webmasters and media buyers alike.


With a high traffic website, this ad format can easily deliver great results. It launches a landing page in a new tab/window when a visitor clicks a valid element on a website.

Native Ads 

An ad format that blends seamlessly into a website's content. Webmasters can choose between a block of native ads that are listed wherever they want or Real Native Ads that are inserted automatically into content areas for best results.

PlugRush Ad Formats

PlugRush for Advertisers

PlugRush offers advertisers a comprehensive advertising platform with flexible targeting options, customization features, and performance analytics. By creating well-planned campaigns, optimizing your ad creatives, and closely monitoring your performance, you can effectively utilize PlugRush to reach your advertising goals and drive traffic to your offers or content.

For Advertisers, PlugRush provides extensive targeting options to help you reach the right audience. You can target users based on demographics, geolocation, device type, operating system, keywords, and even specific websites within their network. This level of granularity allows you to fine-tune your campaign and maximize its effectiveness.

Advertisers can set bids for their campaigns, which determine how much you are willing to pay for each impression or click. PlugRush operates on a bidding system, so managing your bids effectively is essential to compete for ad placements and achieve your desired results. Your ads will be displayed on websites that are part of the PlugRush network. These websites cover a wide range of niches and industries, offering you access to diverse audiences. 

They can also choose between mainstream and adult traffic, allowing for flexibility in campaign targeting. PlugRush typically operates on a prepaid basis, meaning you'll need to fund your account before running campaigns. You can set daily or lifetime budgets to control your spending. Payments (Loads) are made through various methods accepted by the platform.

Is PlugRush Legit or Scam?

Founded in 2007, PlugRush is a legit Advertising Network owned and managed by JMT Nordic AS, a Norwegian privately owned company. Most of their Publishers believe that PlugRush is an excellent platform and currently is widely considered one of the best Ad Networks to monetize Adult Content.

PlugRush Payment Details

PlugRush have several payment processors to make it easy for you to load or withdraw funds to/from your account. Each payment processor has their own fee structure and minimum/maximum amount to load or withdraw funds. Withdrawals can be requested at any time. To withdraw funds, please log into your account and go to the funds page by clicking your name in the top-right corner. On this page you have the option to make a withdrawal and choose the payment method of your choice.

The Payment Thresholds on PlugRush are: PayPal (minimal payout 25 USD); WebMoney; (10 USD); Paxum (25 USD); Credit Card (without any minimum) and Bank Wire Transfer (1000 USD).

PlugRush Payment Proof - Paypal

PlugRush Summary

PlugRush Logo
Active since2007
Ad TypeseCPM / Adult & Mainstream 
Ad FormatsPush Notifications / Popunders / Banners / Native Ads
Referral ProgramYes
Payout OptionsPayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Visa Card
Minimum Payout$10-$25 (varies across payment options)
Contact /

Wiki Money Online Rating - 4,5 / 5

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